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After playing around with various blogging services, I have determined WordPress is the best. Subsequently, I feel the need to write all manner of randomness.

Just now as I was writing this entry, I began to enter the title ‘Back on Earth’, but then it continued inserted h’s. The key didn’t appear to be stuck.. it’s the most bizarre thing that has happened to me today.

What have I been doing lately? Something close to nothing. I have a few days off and I really haven’t done much. I went shopping Tuesday and found some articles of clothing, among which a blue and white striped necktie. This beautiful tie ignited ambition to learn a superior knotting technique. Of the common ones, I chose Full Windows because it produces a larger and relatively symmetrical knot. Additionally, it has a formal air to it. I was brimming with arrogance that night as I practiced the Full Windsor repeatedly. I could even tie it with my eyes closed.

Otherwise, there’s way too many books that I’ve started to list, of which none have I finished. Oh I did complete the biblical books of Genesis and Exodus. I’m attempting to read the entire book.

In the realm of languages, I continue with French, picked up Japanese for a day or two, and now contemplate Greek andor Italian. Yes, I’m officially creating the word ‘andor’. Hmmm, it sounds like a location.


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