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Monthly Archives: July 2008

There once was a man named Charles Manson who was king of the Mansons. He had drugs and insanity beyond your wildest dreams. Before they threw him in the prison, these were the final words he said: “My LSD is yours for the taking, but you’ll have to find it first. I left everything I own in One Dose.”.

Ever since, people from all over the world, sent fan mail for him, searching for One Dose, the drug that would make their dreams come true.


You have been with me longer than anyone, for 13 years. Happy birthday, old friend.

So, Jesse revealed an interesting desire regarding Barack: “I wanna cut his nuts off”. This raises the question as to what exactly Jesse wants to do with the nuts. Like, does he just want them as a souvenir? Or does he collect these? He was a bit ambiguous in respect to his motive.

My personal theory involves a man from Japan. This man appeared on Takeshi’s Castle, where it was announced that his occupation is to make wind chimes from neutered pet remnants. This is why Jesse wanted Barack’s nuts, so he could have them made into a wind chime. If he had waited closer to Christmas, he could have made his wish known to Santa.

Several years ago, I was on a road trip and the Rush Limbaugh Show was playing on the radio. Despite a mild vanity problem, he actually displayed some alright musical tastes cutting in and out from commercials. I remember even Daft Punk on one occasion which really rather impressed and surprised me.

However, on this particular day, the song was Macarena. When I heard this, I saw him dancing the macarena. He was in his underwear, white briefs. So he did the arm part, then came the hands on hips with rotation. It was a unique sight.

For various reasons, I went outside today. I walked over to my swimming pool which hasn’t been used for several years. The pool is above ground, and about half full of water with some shredded covers and lines partially submerged around the centre. There were brown algae in the water too. But what surprised me was that there were lots and lots of tadpoles swimming around. Then, I noticed around the inside walls of the pool as well as on the rim, several small green frogs. They appeared to be some variety of tree frogs, but I haven’t be able to identify them yet.

It’s interesting to see that a manufactured site can revert back to a natural environment in only five years time or so.

People are sitting in beanbag chairs, they’re extremely relaxed. No, that’s an understatement. They’re dead lazy, like too lazy to even get up to use the restroom. However the chairs aren’t beanbag chairs, they’re personal clouds. These people aren’t exactly properly clothed either, some are just wearing the cloud, other’s are going for more an ancient Greek look. So these clouds are all on ice, somewhat comparable to bumper cars or bumper boats. Except, their individual movement is not random, no, quite on the contrary.

Each cloud is rotating. But all the clouds seem to originate at the perimeter of the ice surface, which extends so far that the clouds could nearly form two parallel rows. In unison, all the clouds are moving in a rhythmic oscillating pattern such that two parallel clouds approach each other in each cycle. At the climax of the oscilation, the clouds are synchronsied so that their sides face each other. Now, when two clouds get close together, their passengers haphazardly turn to the side of the otehr cloud and extend the arm of that same side. Ever so carefully, they touch index fingers (Think of Mike’s painting of G and his man A getting friendly). And this goes on and on, almost like a never ending dance.

Snow fell.

Sparks flew.

RIP, Tony Snow.

Vive la revolution !

Late one night, an apparition appeared. With a blue glow, the sight was like a lit candle in the dark bed chamber. Groggily awaking, the man saw through his hazily opened eyes this being in his room. The man’s eyes opened wide as he quickly slid to the far side of his bed, away from the ghostly figure.

Through subtle cognition, the man recognised the figure as Cheney. Cheney slowly walked towards him, then stopped and extended his figure towards the man. In a heavy voice he said, “You have a debt to pay. You owe Davey Jones your soul.”. Then suddenly, Cheney vanished.

In the morning, Ahmadinejab was found still awake, unable to speak, unable to move.