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Long, long ago, there was a man named Moon. Moon just kinda hung out on his own, doing his own thing. Then he saw a really hot woman named Sun. He instantly fell in love with her. The two became great lovers.

Then one day, a new girl moved in the neighbourhood. Her name was Earth. She was very young, but had beautiful blue hair. Moon saw her and couldn’t help falling in love with her. Of course, Sun was really pissed off at her paedophile lover Moon, and divorced him. In turn, Moon moved in with Earth and made her the centre of his life. As Earth matured, she became sexier and hotter. This is the cause of Global Warming.

Further out in the neighbourhood lived a pimp named Saturn. He had the most moons in the neighbourhood.

On the outskirts of town, lived Pluto. No one really knew if he was a moon or a planet, so they labeled him as an hermaphrodite.


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