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Masses, and masses of people, an ocean of people standing everywhere. But there’s a trail that really stands out because there’s no people on it. It’s the only piece of ground for kilometres where there are no people. If you looked down the trail, you wouldn’t see the end. Not because the trail wasn’t straight, but because it’s so long.

As you walk down the trail, you reach a shadow that spans over the trail and the masses. At this point, you can finally see the end. There’s a large tower. For the most part, the tower’s texture is rounded and smooth like river stones. But there’s spikes or horns emanating from it, presenting a devilish contrast. The whole either slate grey or black, you can’t really tell because the sunlight on it makes the colour ambiguous.

Closer, and closer you go. Soon you can see the trail leads up a rather steep set of grandiose stairs. And the stairs lead up to disturbingly large doors. In the cast iron blackness of the doors, you can clearly see there etched jackal feastings and carnivorous ceremonies.

With a consistency and elegance, the doors smoothly float open. Once open, Duel of the Fates began to blare across the entire spectrum. And as you see Sawyer walk out from the door, you realise for the first time in your life that the song is saying “Sawyer comes forth! Sawyer lives with us!”.


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