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Almost every day, I spend a few minutes that I’ll never get back playing Vampires on Facebook. I’m not sure why I play, it’s not an overly exciting game really. Perhaps it’s the prospect of levels, and points, and rank.

Anyway, there’s an item, or rather weapon, called the Chicken Suit. One can only use the Chicken Suit against a player who is in their friend list. Whoever has the Chicken Suit used against them, loses all their battles for two entire days.

If you have any strategic intelligence, you’d quickly realise that since you gain more points for defeating a higher level opponent, you could  reap masses of points by fighting a top tier player who had been suited.

Unfortunately, that line of thinking is so totally wrong. You’d think that you, being maybe level 5 or so, would reap, oh, say, hundreds of points for victories against a player with over an hundred thousand experience points, right? But, again, that thinking is totally incorrect. There’s a few unwritten details of how this works.

First, the most points you can get from a victory is 10 points (per fight, so that’s 30 if you use 3 fights at a time). This result is providing that you are fighting a monster of another species than your own, and that the opposing monster has significantly more points than yours. If it’s the same species of monster, you get 9 points (or 27 points for a triple attack).

Clearly, this is better than the measly 5 points or so that you normally get from a battle, but it’s not going to land you in the top tier anytime soon as this situation only lasts for 2 days.

Now you might be thinking to search through the rankings for top tier players who are already suited, and simply attack them. But, this is even worse. If you’re not a friend of the suited player, you will receive only 1 point per fight.

So, yeah, the Chicken Suit isn’t overly useful these unwritten stipulations in place. My recommendation is that these unwritten rules for the suit be altered to either allow players to suit non-friends andor receive the normal amount of points from attacking a non-friend suited player.


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