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Category Archives: Dreams

Transcripts of mentionable dreams

I had a dream. I was standing on something like a highway that either was over a river, or followed beside a river. Across from me, on the bank of the river, was a great white building. It was rather box like in general shape, but it some Greek or Roman architectural details. There were two large words with a small word between them written across the top of the building. I saw clearly in the dream what the words were, but all I can remember now was that the two large words began with a D. I believe the first word was ‘Daniel’ or ‘Daniels’. The small word was two letters, I think it was either ‘is’ or ‘de’ or ‘of’. The third word is particularly hazy, but I believe it was either ‘Daphne’ or ‘Delta’.

But the building, the great building, it was utterly dusted in red, what appeared to be either blood or sunlight. I was facing the building from an angle, so I could see the front as well as the side. To my rear left, or to the building’s direct front, was the source of light, presumably the Sun. It seemed to be setting, so we could say the building was facing the west and that the river seemed to flow west to east or southeast.