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Recordings of various events and happenings in life, from drama to quirks

Okay, so there’s this big controversy about the age of some of the girls on China’s Olympic gymnastics team. The rules are that they’re supposed to be at least 16 to compete. Not everyone is convinced that all these girls are.

For several of the gymnasts from other countries, the prompt stating their name, nation, etc. has clearly stated their age to be 15. I’m guessing this is allowed because their birthdays are actually later this year.

I think a lot of people have overlooked, or just don’t realise, how Chinese count age. In most of the Western world, if you’re born on 4 July 2008, you are not considered a year old until 4 July 2009. This isn’t so in China (as well as some other Asian nations). In China, you are considered a year old on the day you are born.

So, if the Chinese are counting this way, then yes, they very well could have 15 year olds  (by Western thinking) on their team. Now, if we applied the scenario above where a girl is actually 15, but will be 16 later this year to Chinese counting, we effectively decrement these numbers by 1. Thus, a girl who is 14 (by Western thinking) and will be 15 (again, by Western thinking) later this year, we can see how there could indeed be 14 year olds on the team.

For the record, I don’t think it’s a big deal. The girls can do their skills, then they deserve their medals. What really needs to be investigated is the judging and the tie breaking procedure, and whether there should even be a tie breaker.

You have been with me longer than anyone, for 13 years. Happy birthday, old friend.

So, Jesse revealed an interesting desire regarding Barack: “I wanna cut his nuts off”. This raises the question as to what exactly Jesse wants to do with the nuts. Like, does he just want them as a souvenir? Or does he collect these? He was a bit ambiguous in respect to his motive.

My personal theory involves a man from Japan. This man appeared on Takeshi’s Castle, where it was announced that his occupation is to make wind chimes from neutered pet remnants. This is why Jesse wanted Barack’s nuts, so he could have them made into a wind chime. If he had waited closer to Christmas, he could have made his wish known to Santa.

Several years ago, I was on a road trip and the Rush Limbaugh Show was playing on the radio. Despite a mild vanity problem, he actually displayed some alright musical tastes cutting in and out from commercials. I remember even Daft Punk on one occasion which really rather impressed and surprised me.

However, on this particular day, the song was Macarena. When I heard this, I saw him dancing the macarena. He was in his underwear, white briefs. So he did the arm part, then came the hands on hips with rotation. It was a unique sight.

For various reasons, I went outside today. I walked over to my swimming pool which hasn’t been used for several years. The pool is above ground, and about half full of water with some shredded covers and lines partially submerged around the centre. There were brown algae in the water too. But what surprised me was that there were lots and lots of tadpoles swimming around. Then, I noticed around the inside walls of the pool as well as on the rim, several small green frogs. They appeared to be some variety of tree frogs, but I haven’t be able to identify them yet.

It’s interesting to see that a manufactured site can revert back to a natural environment in only five years time or so.

Snow fell.

Sparks flew.

RIP, Tony Snow.

Vive la revolution !

I was coming back today, going through a residential area. There’s a sharp curve in the road, and then on the left side is a sidewalk and then some grown up vegetation. Well, there was a black cat walking down the sidewalk. It had stopped and was gazing into the tall grass; clearly something had caught its attention. I thought maybe it was about to pounce on a mouse or something. That’d be cool to see, so I slowed down to see.

Well, looking straight out of the grass was a stone still woodchuck. He had a very.. staunch expression on his face. The cat’s standing there, gently waving his tail. You know what it’s thinking. The woodchuck doesn’t have to say anything, “Don’t even piss with me.” is so written on his face in red ink.

I went on. But I looked back and noticed that cat had wisely abstained from this opportunity and was continuing down the sidewalk. I think it made the right decision here.

When your mother has grown older,
When her dear, faithful eyes
No longer see life as they once did,
When her feet, grown tired,
No longer want to carry her as she walks,
Then lend her your arm in support, escort her with happy pleasure—
the hour will come when, weeping, you must accompany her on her final walk.

And if she asks you something, then give her an answer.
And if she asks again, then speak!
And if she asks yet again, respond to her, not impatiently, but with gentle calm.

And if she cannot understand you properly, explain all to her happily.
The hour will come, the bitter hour, when her mouth asks for nothing more.

–”Be reminded”, Adolf Hitler

My first year of high school was my last year of football. Overall, it was a pretty miserable season. The coach was a jerk and the team pretty much sucked, but we had a good enough time.

However, there was one, and I think maybe the only one, game we won. The whole game started out really awesome cause our coach for some reason was like super late and didn’t make it until like half-time or something. So, Shawn, our B-goalie, and another of our prominent players, Nathan were basically going to command from the battlefield which would have been like totally awesome. But I think a parent stepped up to fill in until the coach got there.

Anyway, most of the kids on our team were probably grade 9 and 10, most of the kids on the other team were probably like grade 8 and 9, so we had a bit of an advantage.

But they had one player that appeared to be older, and certainly more skilled than the rest. He was probably the best player out of both of our teams, heck, one of the most skilled players I saw all season. It sucks I can’t remember this guy’s name cause I really loved him. I want to say it was like Trey or something.

So anyway, we’re playing, and somehow he found out one of our player’s name, and whenever he was around him, in a real psychotic voice would say, “Helloooo, Laaaaary!”.

You know the whole “pass me the ball!” crap that’s always thrown around in football, right? Well, when this guy’s teammates would yell that out, he would respond, “You want it, come and get it!”. I know that’s so totally anti-teamwork. But, the sad thing is, he managed quite well without the support of his team.

I really learned a valuable lesson from that. Seriously, the whole thing had a huge effect on a lot of my thinking. It was around that point that I realised the value of being able to stand on one’s own. Like, just to be free of utter dependence upon others.

Anyway, the guy eventually got thrown out of the game because he, rather loudly, remarked that the referee’s call was “crap”. Subsequently, we then won the game.

So it was the best game of the whole season. It sucked that my gerbil died that night though.

So Sunday is Easter, which is 23 March. And then Pesach starts 19 April. If all this isn’t raising a red flag, then let’s rewind. Easter is about how Jesus came back to life, which implies he was dead, which then in turn implies he had been alive. While he was alive the first time, they all got together to celebrate Pesach (before he died). Yes, the same aforementioned event which happens to be celebrated several weeks after the holiday which celebrates him coming back to life. Simply put, the dates of celebration are out of order because Easter is being celebrated too early.

Clearly, someone somewhere has screwed something up.

Notably, it appears that those who adhere to the Julian calender do indeed celebrate Easter at a more appropriate date (27 April for this year).