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We know Peter has acquired Clair’s ability to heal. So, how can he die from gunfire? Does he have to consciously activate all acquired powers (i.e., only his own original power is automatic)? And, why does the future Peter have a huge scar across his face if he has the power to heal? Clair has received substantial damage and shows no sign of scarring.


Though we failed the mission, we were still alive. Our chopper had gained enough altitude that we were relatively safe, no enemy fire, no enemy aircraft, and no anti-air. The only ‘threat’ that remained were a few ants on the ground still pursuing us. They had slaughtered most of our unit on the ground with their swords, but there wasn’t much they could do to us now.

After a few minutes, I looked back. We’d lost a lot of good men down there.The patches of blood were still visible, even from this far away. It’s at this time, that I noticed the enemy was still chasing after us. More disturbing is that they were actually keeping up with our helicopter.

Then, one of them pulled ahead of the rest. Gradually, he was not only keeping up, but actually gaining on us. As he got closer, I remembered him. All of them fought fiercely, but this one, it was like he was possessed. By now, I could distinguish the colour of his armour against the glow of that giant sword. The sword was as sharp as any from these lands, but had to have been over 2 metres long and it burned as hot as Hell itself.

When I began to make out the details of his face, I realised that he was no longer on the ground. He was running in the air. No, not quite. He was stepping on butterflies. Not stomping on them, but gracefully bounding from one to another with every stride.

The situation was quickly turning into a real problem. Alerted, the commander ordered us to open fire with whatever weapons we had left, mostly just pistols. No effect, that which actually hit barely dinted that blue armour.

He disappeared. I looked out the door and saw him nowhere. In an instant, I was face to face with him as he jetted up from below. His eyes were opened wide with that possessed look. As quickly as he appeared, still outside, he jetted to my right, the front of the copter.

With my jaw dropped, I don’t think I moved for a second. But when I did, I could see a beam of light spanning from the left to the right side of the fuselage coming towards me. It sliced right through the helmet ‘protected’ heads of the pilot and copilot. This was it, he was decapitating the whole freakin’ chopper.

Many years ago, a great event occurred. The Son of God, yet God himself, was placed on the Earth, and walked the Earth, the perfect man. And through the course of time, the people prevailed and those above let them be. Thus came the time for the perfect to die for the imperfect.

Then one tree was chosen above them all, elected by God to bear weight of his Son. This lowly tree, roughly hewn and coarsely made could scarce hold the Son of God himself. And when the weight of all the sins of all the world throughout all time were placed upon the Son, this chosen tree near brake asunder. But the precious blood of the Lamb drop upon the tree, and flow down his barks. The tree felt this powerful blood, and determined he could in no wise fail his master, his very maker. Thus the tree did serve his part until the darkness came upon all, and the burden was suddenly lifted.

For at this time, the very Son of God, God himself, descended into Hell. His fiery soul of purest light plunged into the depths and through the darkness as a comet in the night sky. All eternity shook and tremor. He entered the Earth as but a child, and left as a great man. The awesome void he left behind did suck all light, and would near destroy all the physical world. Yea, the death of one so great near rent the seams of eternity itself.

As the Son neared the bottom of the bottomless depths, all the minions of Hell were thrown to the floor by the force of his very presence. All feared and praised him for there was no introduction, all knew this great one. Where ever the Son did go, the bowing of the millions was as waves in the sea.

Having no sins of his own, he spanned the great gulf between Hell and Paradise himself, and entered therein. Once across, he was reunited with that poor soul from just some time before. Happily in Paradise did he stay the remaining hours in the depths.

Then the time was come that he should smite death itself. Inside the tomb, within the linens, the wounds of the corps silently and miraculously began to heal. This temple was now rebuilt, ready to hold God himself. The time had come for the soul to return to the body. From the midst of Paradise the soul sprang forth, upward so fast. With such force the soul then struck the body, the still heart began to suddenly beat once again, pushing precious life throughout the veins. The Saviour gasp the fresh air of life and his eyes opened once again.