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I am sick and tired of the constant changes in the programming schedule. An annual alteration is one thing, but the schedule has changed numerous times in the last few months alone. On top of that, the changes are unannounced. Additionally, you randomly drop and add shows without warning. Blast you. For several years now, you’ve used anime to lure viewers in so you can spam them with your own home brewed shows, 90% of which is total and utter crap.

This is the last time. To you I say, adieu.


Here is a list of GBA RPGs released in Japan. This list is incomplete and is a work in progress. At the moment, it contains primarily titles that correspond to those on the US list, as well as additional titles in a series. All titles are romanised. In most instances where a Japanese word in the title is in fact a Japanese version of an English word, the proper English word is simply used (i.e., ‘Final Fantasy’ instead of ‘Fainaru Fantazii’). Note that minor, and occasionally gross, variation between US and Japanese titles for the same game do exist. In all likeliness, this list will be much larger than its US and European counterparts.

Some title variations to note:

  • Bokujou Monogatari is Harvest Moon
  • Hagane no Renkinjutsushi is Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Mother is Earthbound
  • Ougon no Taiyou is Golden Sun
  • Rockman is Megaman

GBA RPG List (Japan) v0.4

  • Battle Network Rockman EXE
  • Battle Network Rockman EXE 2
  • Battle Network Rockman EXE 3
  • Battle Network Rockman EXE 3 Black
  • Bokujou Monogatari – Mineral Town no Nakamatachi
  • Bokujou Monogatari – Mineral Town no Nakamatachi for Girl
  • Bomberman Jetters
  • Bomberman Story
  • Breath of Fire
  • Breath of Fire 2
  • Chinmoku no Iseki – Estpolis Gaiden
  • Dragon Ball Z – The Legacy of Goku II
  • Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls
  • Final Fantasy IV Advance
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
  • Final Fantasy V Advance
  • Final Fantasy VI Advance
  • Fire Emblem – Fuuin no Tsurugi
  • Fire Emblem – Rekka no Ken
  • Fire Emblem – Seima no Kouseki
  • Game Boy Wars Advance
  • Hagane no Renkinjutsushi – Meisou no Rondo
  • Hagane no Renkinjutsushi – Omoide no Sonata
  • Harobots – Robo Hero Battling!!
  • Lunar Legend
  • Mario & Luigi RPG
  • Mother 1 + 2
  • Mother 3
  • One Piece – Dragon Dream
  • One Piece, From TV Animation – Mezase! King of Berry
  • One Piece, From TV Animation – Nanatsu Shima no Daihihou
  • Onimusha Tactics
  • Ougon no Taiyou – Hirakareshi Fuuin
  • Ougon no Taiyou – Ushinawareshi Toki
  • Pocket Monsters Emerald
  • Pocket Monsters Fire Red
  • Pocket Monsters Leaf Green
  • Pocket Monsters Ruby
  • Pocket Monsters Sapphire
  • Riviera – Yakusoku no Chi Riviera
  • Robot Ponkottsu 2 – Cross Version
  • Robot Ponkottsu 2 – Ring Version
  • Shining Force – Kuroki Ryuu no Fukkatsu
  • Shining Soul I
  • Shining Soul II
  • Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu
  • Summon Night – Craft Sword Monogatari
  • Summon Night – Craft Sword Monogatari 2
  • Summon Night – Craft Sword Monogatari Hajimari no Ishi
  • Super Robot Taisen – Original Generation
  • Super Robot Taisen – Original Generation 2
  • Super Robot Taisen A
  • Super Robot Taisen D
  • Super Robot Taisen J
  • Super Robot Taisen R
  • Tactics Ogre Gaiden – The Knight of Lodis
  • Tales of Phantasia
  • Zelda no Densetsu – Fushigi no Boushi
  • Zelda no Densetsu – Kamigami no Triforce & 4tsu no Tsurugi
  • Z.O.E. 2173 – Testament