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People are sitting in beanbag chairs, they’re extremely relaxed. No, that’s an understatement. They’re dead lazy, like too lazy to even get up to use the restroom. However the chairs aren’t beanbag chairs, they’re personal clouds. These people aren’t exactly properly clothed either, some are just wearing the cloud, other’s are going for more an ancient Greek look. So these clouds are all on ice, somewhat comparable to bumper cars or bumper boats. Except, their individual movement is not random, no, quite on the contrary.

Each cloud is rotating. But all the clouds seem to originate at theĀ perimeterĀ of the ice surface, which extends so far that the clouds could nearly form two parallel rows. In unison, all the clouds are moving in a rhythmic oscillating pattern such that two parallel clouds approach each other in each cycle. At the climax of the oscilation, the clouds are synchronsied so that their sides face each other. Now, when two clouds get close together, their passengers haphazardly turn to the side of the otehr cloud and extend the arm of that same side. Ever so carefully, they touch index fingers (Think of Mike’s painting of G and his man A getting friendly). And this goes on and on, almost like a never ending dance.