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I was coming back today, going through a residential area. There’s a sharp curve in the road, and then on the left side is a sidewalk and then some grown up vegetation. Well, there was a black cat walking down the sidewalk. It had stopped and was gazing into the tall grass; clearly something had caught its attention. I thought maybe it was about to pounce on a mouse or something. That’d be cool to see, so I slowed down to see.

Well, looking straight out of the grass was a stone still woodchuck. He had a very.. staunch expression on his face. The cat’s standing there, gently waving his tail. You know what it’s thinking. The woodchuck doesn’t have to say anything, “Don’t even piss with me.” is so written on his face in red ink.

I went on. But I looked back and noticed that cat had wisely abstained from this opportunity and was continuing down the sidewalk. I think it made the right decision here.