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Monthly Archives: April 2008

My first year of high school was my last year of football. Overall, it was a pretty miserable season. The coach was a jerk and the team pretty much sucked, but we had a good enough time.

However, there was one, and I think maybe the only one, game we won. The whole game started out really awesome cause our coach for some reason was like super late and didn’t make it until like half-time or something. So, Shawn, our B-goalie, and another of our prominent players, Nathan were basically going to command from the battlefield which would have been like totally awesome. But I think a parent stepped up to fill in until the coach got there.

Anyway, most of the kids on our team were probably grade 9 and 10, most of the kids on the other team were probably like grade 8 and 9, so we had a bit of an advantage.

But they had one player that appeared to be older, and certainly more skilled than the rest. He was probably the best player out of both of our teams, heck, one of the most skilled players I saw all season. It sucks I can’t remember this guy’s name cause I really loved him. I want to say it was like Trey or something.

So anyway, we’re playing, and somehow he found out one of our player’s name, and whenever he was around him, in a real psychotic voice would say, “Helloooo, Laaaaary!”.

You know the whole “pass me the ball!” crap that’s always thrown around in football, right? Well, when this guy’s teammates would yell that out, he would respond, “You want it, come and get it!”. I know that’s so totally anti-teamwork. But, the sad thing is, he managed quite well without the support of his team.

I really learned a valuable lesson from that. Seriously, the whole thing had a huge effect on a lot of my thinking. It was around that point that I realised the value of being able to stand on one’s own. Like, just to be free of utter dependence upon others.

Anyway, the guy eventually got thrown out of the game because he, rather loudly, remarked that the referee’s call was “crap”. Subsequently, we then won the game.

So it was the best game of the whole season. It sucked that my gerbil died that night though.


So, a long time ago, there was this Russian guy named Markov. For like a really long time, Markov had been kept down in this one dungeon place. It kinda sucked cause it was dark and dank down there and not a lot to do. Additionally, Markov was kept chained to the wall.

After about forty years, Markov was pissed off and snapped. He let out a bloody roar and ripped the chains out of the stone wall.